Trylle Trilogy — Amanda Hocking

Switched: Wendy Everly has noticed the dark and mysterious Finn staring at her at school, but it isn’t until he shows up in her room one night and tells her she’s a changeling that his motives are revealed. Finn is a tracker for a troll tribe called the Trylle, and he has come to take her home. Although hard to believe at first, it finally makes sense why she’s so different from her brother and aunt — namely she likes to eat grass and berries and has some groovy mind powers — and it makes even more sense why her mother tried to kill her when she was six.

Now Wendy is trying to make sense of this new world where she is not only a troll, but also a princess. Meanwhile, she must deal with a beautiful, but distant new mother, as well as her growing feelings for Finn, who as a tracker is forbidden to her as a mate. What’s a troll princess to do? (Found new for as low as $4.88 in paperback.)

Torn: The rival Vittra tribe of trolls has attacked the Trylle palace and Finn has deserted Wendy. It’s a lot for Wendy to take and so the homesick troll princess goes home to be with her brother Matthew and Aunt Maggie. She is accompanied by Rhys, who is the other half to her changeling and Matt’s biological brother. But it’s not long before the Vittra stalk them to their hideout and steal them away to the Vittra kingdom where Wendy meets the king for the first time. But first she meets Loki, a charming and handsome Vittra who is quick with a flirtatious quip, and also seems to dislike the cruel king.

In the second installment of the Trylle trilogy, Wendy must begin to accept her fate as princess even as she struggles with her feelings toward Finn and Loki. Meanwhile, arranged marriages are still going strong in troll land because Wendy finds out she is expected to marry a man she doesn’t love. (Found new for as low as $5.05.)

Ascend: While Wendy begins to master her powers, Elora is growing old from hers. It’s now up to Wendy to lead the Trylle, and she has plans to take them to more equal ground. But first she has to keep the Vittra from attacking and destroying her people. This troll princess’ plate is full with wedding planning, denying herself true love, embracing her inner magic and saving the kingdom. But we all know how this will end… (Found for as low $4.98.)

Review: The Trylle trilogy was fun. I enjoyed the read for what it was and I went along for the ride, but I don’t know if I would put it on the front row of my book shelves for a re-read. Amanda Hocking has made a name for herself as a very successful self-published author, and I can see why. The novels have a simplistic plot: they’re easy to follow and predictable, while supplying the reader with enough magic, turmoil and forbidden romance to keep the pages turning. This is a recipe that appeals to the masses as pure, fantastical entertainment. I’m probably what you would call a serious reader. That is, I never stop. So I could appreciate this series because I have a penchant for said fantastical entertainment. Hocking also gets points for not making her characters the traditional Fae in favor of the less-traditional route of trolls.

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