Deadlocked — Charlaine Harris

Everything doesn’t seem to be quite right between Sookie and vampire husband Eric Northman in the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel by Charlaine Harris. Things aren’t made any better when Sookie walks in on him drinking from another woman. Meanwhile, Felipe de Castro, the vampire king of Louisiana is in town and asking questions about the disappearance of Victor Madden, the king’s representative which Eric and Sookie had dispatched in the last novel, “Dead Reckoning,”

When a body shows up on Eric’s front lawn, it’s up to Sookie and Bill, her former vampire lover, to find the true culprit behind the murder. Meanwhile, Sookie’s Fae grandfather Niall reappears, even though the gate between worlds was thought to be closed, and takes her cousin Claude with him back to Fairy so they can discover what made Uncle Dermot go nuts.

Then there is still the issue of Freyda, the Queen of Oklahoma who has come to try and claim Eric for her own. As we near the end of the most recent installment, it’s obvious that Eric and Sookie are on the rocks, while there seems to be a foreshadowing of some sort of union between Sam and Sookie on the horizon.

This book has actually received a lot of flack from fans because the story is going differently than most would have hoped. I can say I agree, at least as far as the romantic portion of the plot goes. I love Eric and Sookie together. Their love story has kept me coming back. And although I like Sam’s character, and he’s probably the more stable choice for a boyfriend, Sookie and Eric are good together. And when I say good, I mean hot. So I’ll be sad if in the next book, it turns out it really is kaput.

But as far as this installment went, I found it interesting enough. I can’t speak for all Sookie Stackhouse fans, but I’ve read all the books and followed the series for awhile and can say that I thought it was a decent read. I suppose I felt the lack of heat between Sookie and Eric, which has made previous novels more scintillating, but there was so much other drama I was kept rapt. If you’re a fan, you should read it, if only out of principal. If you haven’t yet had the chance to enter the world of Sookie Stackhouse, go back and start at the beginning. This one will be waiting for your criticism or adulation when you get through the first 11. Vampires and Shapeshifters and Fairies, oh my!


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