Black Swan Rising — Lee Carroll

“Black Swan Rising” follows Garet James, a New York City jewelry maker who runs an art gallery with her father. On the day she attempts to procure a loan for the struggling gallery, she stumbles across an old antique shop. Here, a mysterious shopkeeper shows her a silver box bearing the same black swan signet that is on the ring her deceased mother gave her. Garet takes the box with her at the shopkeeper’s request, and is suddenly confronted with the reality of myth and magic.

Featuring Oberon and other Fae characters from the pages of Shakespeare, a steamy vampire love interest, tragic love and a century old birthright, Black Swan Rising is a good story ripe with plenty of vivid magical detail. If you ever read Charles de Lint, it’s no “Onion Girl,” but urban fantasy lovers will appreciate the fantastical scenes that take place on the streets of New York City.

The ending of this book sets it up for the sequel, “The Watchtower,” which is fortunately readily available. I say this because I read “Black Swan Rising” once a first time and had to re-read it when the sequel came out because I had virtually no memory of it. Despite this, it’s entertaining enough in the midst of the read and the characters are well-developed. Found on Amazon for as low as $4.87 new.

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