Garden Spells — Sarah Addison Allen

I haven’t read any other novels by Allen so I don’t know her style, but I quickly found “Garden Spells” to be very Alice Hoffman-esque. Words were put together poetically and with a touch of magic. Here, a mischievous tree drops apples for a purpose while two sisters have special abilities that set them apart from the rest of the quiet town of Bascom, N.C., where they were raised.

Claire Waverley lives a quiet life tending her seemingly mystical garden. Much like her plants, Claire cherishes her roots. Unlike her sister Sydney, who skipped town as soon as she could, emulating their deceased mother’s nomadic lifestyle before she brought her daughters to Bascom. Desperately trying to escape an abusive relationship, Sydney heads home appearing on Claire’s doorstep with secrets and a daughter in tow. She brings much-needed chaos to Claire’s carefully ordered life, as well as love in the form of a besotted next door neighbor.

This is a tale about two sisters who through each other, find what they need. Despite years of distance, both emotional and geographical, their reunion gives them both a chance at a life that is full. If you’re a fan of Hoffman’s “Practical Magic,” you’ll like this enchanting story of sisterly bonds mixed with a hint of the supernatural. Found at Amazon for as low as $3.69 used.

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