10 reasons why books rule and e-readers drool

“Printed books don’t need to be turned off under 10,000 feet.” — Ronald Mendolera (my husband)

I recently opened an old box of books that my mother dumped on me. Not that I mind, I might be what you would call a book hoarder. My husband sighs in exasperation every time I buy a new book or another box of old books pops up. But I have a vision of my own library, and so I collect. That is why I never sell books, or trade them for others. That being said, I could go on and on about why every time I hear about someone buying an e-reader makes me cringe. Or why the very idea of reading a book from a screen is abhorrent. I understand the arguments on behalf of the e-reader – it’s convenient, it’s cheaper to buy books on, and so on and so on. But I stubbornly have forbidden my husband from downloading books onto his iPad. You might say, ‘at least he’s reading.’ But I would argue, I am more than willing to buy him the book. So while I could probably come up with a hundred reasons against the e-reading tablet, here’s 10 reasons why books rule and e-readers don’t:

1. Taking the words from my husband: “Printed books don’t need to be turned off under 10,000 feet.” That’s right people, you can read to your heart’s content as the stewardesses go through their monotonous routine of what to do in an emergency. You can read as you sit on the tarmac, waiting for lift off — long after, I mind you, you have been instructed to turn electronic devices off. And you can read as you climb into the sky, instead of furtively continuing to email and text while the nervous passenger next to you eyes you with the death stare.

2. Books don’t need to be charged. No fear of your book dying right at the best part, leaving you hanging until the battery is once again full.

3. Books are prettier. Plenty of times I was drawn to a certain book by its cover, the colors, the artistry of a particular cover can draw you in. Something is lost while viewing a book title on a screen.

4. Books give you a break from the glaring glow of a screen after a day at work. Do you really want to be staring at a screen all day long?

5. Dead electronic devices are bad for the environment. I read once that it’s a toss-up — you may be saving trees by printing fewer books, but unless people recycle their electronics, they are just creating more waste.

6. Browsing the shelves of a book store or library can serve as a social meeting, coffee in hand. Personally, I often find that walking the aisles of a book store is meditative and inspiring as titles jump out and book pages are browsed. My first outing after the birth of my child was an hour spent perusing titles at a book store, a calm and quiet place.

7. You can’t stroke the pages of an e-reader lovingly. Well you can, but the effect isn’t the same.

8. You can’t highlight favorite passages with a marker on an e-reader.

9. if you get sand in your e-reader, it could cause damage. You can just brush it off of a book.

10. Whoever heard of reading an e-reader to your children before bed?

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