Destined — P.C. & Kristen Cast

In the most recent installment of the House of Night series, Zoey Redbird has returned to Tulsa. Although finally home, she is soon confronted with new challenges and losses to deal with, such as the murder of her mother. Finding comfort in the arms of her Guardian Warrior Stark, she must now rally her strength and contend with Neferet, who has returned with the council’s blessing to once again take her place as high priestess of the Tulsa House of Night.

While Neferet courts Darkness, Zoey finds herself drawn to the boy who Neferet claims Nyx gifted her with. Amidst it all, a now Neferet-free Kalona grieves the loss of his long-time companion and son, Rephaim, who gifted with humanity, can now truly be with Stevie Rae.

Although it would seem as if there is no end in sight to this series, the story has continued to keep my interest. The unique dynamics behind this original vampire tale has kept me hooked through nine books and I will probably see it through to the end. For teens and adult lovers of vampire romance and intrigue, it’s a vivid and addicting series. The characters continue to develop, exhibiting strengths, weaknesses and personality, as well-developed characters should.

Although the novels are set in an alternate dimension where humans live alongside vampires, the characters deal with real life issues that teenagers face: sexuality, love, bullying, honesty and loss. And in the end, good will eventually triumph over evil, which isn’t  a bad message at all.

Get it: Do note that this series is targeted at teens. I would probably give this a PG-13 rating.

Found at Amazon for $10.98; Barnes & Nobles sells a Nook edition for $9.99

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