The Mermaid Summer — Mollie Hunter

“The Mermaid Summer” takes place over 100 years ago in a small Scottish fisherman village where a mermaid rules the seas. Eric Anderson is a fisherman who doesn’t have the proper respect for the mermaid, scoffing at warnings that she’s a
dangerous foe. He soon realizes his folly when the mermaid almost lures him to his death, forcing Eric to leave behind his family, including his grandchildren Jon and Anna, to seek work far from the mermaid’s fatal siren call. The children are devastated upon his departure, especially Anna who has a close relationship with her grandfather. This is illustrated through the many letters Anna writes to him while he is away on his travels, begging him to come home.

It is not long before the children find themselves embroiled in mermaid affairs. It is only through their cunning and strength, as well as gifts Eric sends them along the way, that they set out to win back their freedom, the town’s well-being and their grandfather’s safe return.

Recommendation: Find it at the library, buy it or borrow it, but the kids will love it.

This is one of my all time favorite stories. This creature of myth and beauty makes for the perfect antagonist, while illustrating just where vanity and jealousy can get you. The story also shows us that fortitude, loyalty and love can triumph, as any good fairytale should. I enjoy reading it now just as much as I did as a child, and recently found it in hard cover.

Get it: Although I believe this book is out of print, there are plenty of used copies floating around on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. Since the copies are either used or former library books, the price is very affordable.

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