The Girl with the Silver Eyes — Willo Davis Roberts

Published in 1980, “The Girl with the Silver Eyes” explores family bonds as well as what it’s like to be gifted and different, while providing a fun and entertaining story for kids by adding a twist of the paranormal.

Nine-year-old Katie is different from other kids; she commands the power of telekinesis, can talk to animals and has strange silver eyes. When the story starts, Katie has just moved back in with her mother after the untimely death of her grandmother, who had been raising her up until this point.

Katie is used to being set apart from the crowd, and is familiar with people finding her silver eyes and solemn demeanor disturbing. As a result, she often uses her powers to make people feel uncomfortable, like Mr. Pollard, who lives in her apartment building and represents the extreme side of intolerance and fear. But by befriending the newspaper boy and an elderly woman, Katie starts to settle into her life when a strange man shows up asking questions about her. Now Katie is afraid he’s onto her strange powers, as well as frightened that he thinks she may be responsible for her grandmother’s death. So Katie goes into hiding and on a hunt to find others like her.

Recommendation: A good read

This book from my own childhood sends a message to kids about tolerance and individuality. Even as an adult I enjoyed the story for its underlying message as well as its supernatural element. Children can benefit from this story by hopefully seeing that uniqueness should be celebrated, not shunned. And for any child who ever felt isolated because other kids found them different, this book says you are not alone.

Get it: Amazon offers new and used copies in both hardcover and paperback on the cheap. Very affordable and a great addition to your child’s library.

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